>   To the Editor,
   People in our community are truly special. A past example is the Tucker family. The caring for them was phenomenal. A more recent example is the Young family.
   Several years ago the Young family moved to Madras and purchased the local bowling center. They gave Madras a very clean, well run business. Their business at first was slow, but they made their presence known by getting involved in the community. The Youngs' two children, Joe and Jennifer, enrolled in school and did their part in becoming community oriented. As the years passed, the business thrived and their involvement in the community grew.
   In May 2007, Dennis was diagnosed with brain cancer. A surgeon in Bend removed the tumor and sent it to be analyzed to determine the type of cancer. It was found to be lung cancer. Further tests confirmed there were active cancer cells in the lungs. He had to have radiation, which was done for both the brain and lungs.
   His wife, Christie, needed to operate the business and take care of other family affairs. In order for Dennis to get to Bend for the radiation and other medical appointments, people were needed to drive him to many of these appointments. He never missed an appointment and was never late, to this writer's knowledge.
   The people of this community are to be commended for their selflessness. What a great service they performed to people in need. They supplied dinners and lunches and were always there to meet a need. What a wonderful community of people we are a part of in Jefferson County.
   In July 2007, the Youngs and all family members, were devastated when son Joe, a recent graduate of Madras High School, was killed in a one-car accident. What pain it was, and continues to be, to lose a child at this early age. Joe was a very well-liked young man and he was active in school, community, and his church. The community and the Youngs' church took them into their hearts and gave the support that was needed.
   The pain is still there for the Youngs, the Tuckers and others.
   Dennis told me the other day that his last CT Scan showed no active cancer cells in his body and he will need to repeat the tests again in two months. What great news! Congratulations, Madras and Jefferson County!
   Wayne Holzfuss
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