To the Editor,
   This goes out to anybody who might think they would like to try crystal meth. I urge you not to. What started out as an experiment, thinking it might be cool and never hurt me, has ruined my life.
   I tried crystal meth for the first time at the age 13. Now I'm 28 years old. Nearly 15 years it has taken me to figure out that this drug is no good. The monster it has turned me into, the life it has robbed from me, the loved ones it has taken away -- using meth was the biggest mistake I ever made. I've endured jails, hospitals and prisons because of it.
   I had a great family life, was a good all around kid, full of hope, goals and dreams.
   Remembering what life used to be like -- the friends, family, happiness and love -- my addiction stole that from me. Now I sit in Jefferson County jail in a cell all by myself, nobody to write or call.
   That is what meth does.
   I would like to take the opportunity to apologize to everyone, including the whole Madras community and Jefferson County for all the harm I may have caused.
   I'm hoping when my time is completed here, I will be able to enter an intensive inpatient treatment program to get the help I need, so, once again I can return to the community as a viable citizen and also help other addicts like myself achieve sobriety.
   Thank you for listening.
   Robert Holquin
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