By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   Scott Leeper, Culver School Board chair stated, "We want to recognize a special achievement," as he presented Culver High School football coach Davis with a plaque recognizing him for the State 2 A Football Championship during the board meeting, Jan. 14.
   Davis thanked the board for the award and explained that after coaching for 35 years, this was his first state championship. He explained the process starts in June with two to three passing tournaments.
   He said the football team painted the Grocery Outlet Store and earned $3,200, he took 34 kids to camp, and he and his wife took 40 kids on a retreat on the coast.
   "We developed a family approach to the game," he said, adding, "I have really good coaches to help and we scout teams diligently."
   Ethan Rumbarger, student board representative, explained that at Alumni Day on Dec. 19, seven college students came back and talked about their college experience with high school students.
   He said two new clubs were formed in the high school, Visual Arts Club and the Culver High Adventure Club. The latter will participate in monthly outings going on hikes, snowshoeing, etc.
   The Student of the Month award was brought back in December 2007. December students of the month were Amanda Gangstead and Josh Webb. The student council donated $250 to a local family for the holiday season.
   Diana Cretsinger, nutrition services supervisor, said they will be a part of the Regional Area Efficiency Study, coordinated by High Desert ESD. The study will include ways to save money and improve staff knowledge.
   "Our program continues to be a positive program. We have an excellent staff and great employee moral," she said, noting 80 percent of the student body participates in the lunch program.
   Chris Funk, facilities manager, said they have been busy working on the gym lighting project since May 29 of last year. Senate Bill 479 passed, which required replacement of R-type/mercury vapor lights, which is what was in both gyms at Culver School District.
   The problem was that the outer glass could break but the light can keep burning, emitting radiation out of the light bulbs.
   The project increased the light in the old gym and has given more even lighting in the newer gym. Another project will begin in February, which will be the installation of a digital camera system inside the gym and also on the outside of the building.
   They were awarded a $3,000 grant through PACE to fund the camera system. Funk said this will be a way to decrease vandalism at Culver School District.
   The transportation report was presented by Mark Hume, transportation supervisor. A total of 283 students, aproximately 25 more then last year at this time, were being transported in four route buses. They are also running a bus to transport students home after tutoring programs at the high school. They are running a bus two days a week for three special ed students going to a work program at the Madras Opportunity Center.
   Jamie Burleigh, business manager, presented the financial report and noted no students from Ashwood are now attending Culver Schools at this time.
   Linda Florence, superintendent, presented the board members with gift packets in appreciation of all they do. January is Board Appreciation Month and the board members were also presented with calendars made by Culver Elementary students and staff.
   The business agenda included the first reading of board policies, including: Child Find (locating students with disabilities), and Free and Appropriate Public Education (all students 5 years to 21 years old must be offered appropriate education).
   The next Culver School District Board meeting will be held on Feb. 5, at 7 p.m in the Culver Support Services Building.
   Other Culver School District news:
   - Culver Elementary raised $726.28 during the Vernonia School District Fundraiser to help the flood victims at that elementary school.
   - 212 elementary students had perfect attendance for the month of December.
   - The Parent-Teacher Organization held their first "movie night" on Jan. 4, for elementary age students.
   - Carolyn Herringshaw, third grade teacher, has been selected to be one of the five editors for a science textbook called "ScienceSaurus."
   - The annual Oregon State Writing Test will begin in the next few weeks. Grades 4, 7 and CIM (9 and 10) will be taking these tests.
   - Leadership students spent two weeks of fundraising for Vernonia's schools and earned $318.45 to help with the flood damage in December.
   - Several Culver High School students are involved in the Big Brother-Big Sister program and it continues to improve.
   - The junior class is reviewing results of their ASFAB tests.
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