>   To the Editor,
   I hope the people of Madras are very proud of all the new businesses being build in this town. KFC, Taco Bell and others. It is so exciting that these businesses will all be minimum wage jobs. How are these employees going to pay bills? I will tell you how: they will need a second job.
   What the Madras community needs are jobs that pay above minimum wage in order for people and families to plan for their future and pay their bills. With rent in Madras being $700 to $1,400 a month, how can anyone afford this on minimum wage? You can't.
   Madras needs manufacturing jobs and a shopping center and higher paying jobs. I'm sure that the planning department and the city council are very happy about these lower wage jobs. They seem to be very pleased about bringing in these businesses. And just how many more fast food restaurants do we need?
   I'm sure some officials are very happy about the lower wage jobs they are bringing into our community because it makes Madras look like it is growing. These jobs are usually part-time positions, so the company does not have to pay any benefits to the employees.
   I don't know who is in charge of allowing businesses to come in to Madras, but whoever it is, they are doing a disservice to our community.
   We need good-paying jobs in this community and we should be giving any business who wants to come in all the tax breaks we can and do everything we can to make it an easy path for them and see that it is a success. I know there are others out there that think the same. We the silent people need to start speaking up. I plan to.
   Judy Dickman
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