By Sally Miller
   HDHS volunteer
   At the Jan. 13, meeting of the High Desert Humane Society Board, the decision was made to take in no more cats until we can reduce the number currently in our care.
   The HDHS will be happy to help supply food for stray or feral cats until the time we get enough funds to trap and alter them.
   We are currently willing to trap stray or feral cats for anybody who can pay for the altering and who is willing to let us return the cats to their property.
   It is our goal to reduce the feral cat population of this county and to encourage all pet owners to spay and neuter their animals; but at this time, we are over capacity and are struggling to take care of and find homes for the pets we have.
   If you know of any farmers or ranchers in need of (spayed or neutered) mousers, please refer them to us. We have many cats that are used to being around humans but are too shy to make good house pets.
   About 25 cats, including several kittens, are completely tame, loving, and affectionate and are so in need of good homes.
   Desperately needed items are: scoopable cat litter and money to pay for spaying and neutering.
   Please call Sandy Ballard at 475-3314 if you can adopt a cat, take barn cats, or want to volunteer your services.
   Donation checks may be mailed to the High Desert Humane Society at P.O. Box 274, Madras, OR 97741.
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