t to learn more about the European Union, trade with China, or exit strategies for Iraq?
   Great Decisions is a fun and interesting way to explore American foreign policy issues with your friends and neighbors.
   The nationwide program features eight different foreign policy topics, selected annually by the nonpartisan Foreign Policy Association.
   Discussion groups meet weekly all across the United States, reading information in a briefing booklet, then discussing that week's topic.
   The Madras Great Decisions group is gearing up for its breakfast discussion series, which runs from 7 to 8 a.m., Wednesdays, March 5 through April 23, at the Black Bear Diner in Madras.
   This year's topics are: "Iraq End-Game," "Talking to our Enemies," "European Union at 50," "Russia," "U.S. Defense and Security Policy," "Latin America: Shift to the Left?" "U.S. - China Trade Policy," and "Private Philanthropy."
   Participants take turns leading the discussions by reading questions from the booklet, but newcomers are not required to lead discussions.
   Anyone interested in joining the Madras group should contact Susan Matheny at 475-2275 so booklets can be ordered before the group starts. The cost of a booklet is $18, payable at the first meeting.
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