Unclaimed photos waiting at The Pioneer

Numerous unclaimed anniversary, birthday and other photos from 2007 are awaiting their owners at the Madras Pioneer:
   January: Sophie Smith, Tabatha Avery, Violet Watson, Chelsea Thornton and Joshua Smith.
   February: Brian Bierman (LaTonya birthday), Marie Harris, Dendauw with sturgeon, Brianne Sjolund, Lions Club, Steve Vetsch, Jenaea Langnese (Ed Manion CD).
   March: Jim Melvin.
   April: None.
   May: Thelma Coburn, Durgan (Dale in 1st grade), Children's Learning Center (CD), Megan Hanson, Earnest engagement, Sites-Downing engagement, Marjorie and Lawrence Copley, Ruth Grant, Brown-Keegan engagement, Durgan (little girl), 14-month-old boy on a hobby horse (for birthday ad?).
   June: Steve Vetsch.
   July: Barnhart, Culver Christian Church trip, Pauline Tomsha, Cameron Dymytryk, Buster Stoddard with fish (and two other photos), Margaret Dement, Ames-Turner wedding, Candy graduation, Charlotte Davis, J.R. Brooks.
   August: Ramey rodeo, Buhr-Scott wedding, Ennis-Thompson engagement, Cole Starkel engagement, older couple photo taken at Seaside 1996.
   September: Susan Stovall (reunion), Erika Rosenfield, Jean and Bill Mohr, Viola Wilson birthday photos.
   October: Gillett anniversary, Marguerite Olson, NABI girls basketball team.
   November: Samson-Carter wedding.
   December: Robert Thompson Jr. military photo, Wilbur Ellis award, Loren Earnest anniversary.