by: Photo By Holly M. Gill - David Allen

   The county is once again in the market for legal counsel.
   After a year on the job, Attorney David Allen, who provides legal counsel for the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, has announced he will resign his position, effective Feb. 29.
   Allen, 42, who went to work for the county on an interim basis on Jan. 15, 2007, was hired full time Feb. 14.
   "Starting March 1, 2008, I will be opening my own private practice law office in Madras," said Allen, who may continue to contract with the county.
   "The resignation stemmed from a requirement in my contract to maintain residence in Jefferson County, which I was unable to fulfill," he said. Allen lives in Bend with his wife Deirdre and three children.
   During his year as county counsel, Allen has been very involved with appeals to the county's comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance, as well as Measure 37 and 49 claims.
   "The county and I are currently in discussions regarding a possible contract for specialty land-use legal advice," he added.
   Anticipating the resignation, the county has already begun advertising the position, which closes Jan. 30. The board, which has received one application for the job, expects to interview next week, according to Chairman Mike Ahern, who hopes to have someone ready to take over before Allen leaves.
   Calling Allen "very capable," Ahern commented, "We were very happy with him."
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