To the Editor,

   I am an employee at Warm Springs. I am a white woman. I live in Madras.
   A few of my acquaintenances have told me of their recent experiences at a government office. Apparently they have not been treated with the respect that any person has the right to expect from a public employee.
   I am making this complaint because I have experienced the venom of prejudicial treatment and would not wish it on my worst enemy! Prejudice and racism are both archiac forms of thinking and of treating fellow human beings. Madras owes a good deal of gratitude to both the Hispanic and Native American cultures for their contributions economically, ideological and with employment. The prison employees may also contribute to cultural diversity in Madras.
   When a person comes into a government office they need information, instruction and documents. They do not need sarcasm, prejudice and racism.
   The Constitution/Bill of Rights of the United States provides that each person is born with inalienable rights. These rights include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Each person, by their existance, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
   I hope that in the future when a person of color or poverty comes to their office they will be treated with the same respect and dignity that is given to white or wealthy people.
   I am sure there is protocol to handle situations where customers are not being respectful. It may be helpful to keep in mind that as people are treated with prejudice and racism they come to expect it. This is unfortunate but understandable. Your just and respectful treatment will do much to counteract the other, unfortunate treatment received.
   Tina Towler
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