Operation X aims to snuff student tobacco use in Culver

By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   "Operation X' is a tobacco prevention program used through the state of Oregon, according to Barb Ibrahim, Culver school District Tobacco prevention coordinator.
   This program is focused on high school students in ninth to 12th grades.
   On Feb. 29, Ibrahim awarded two high school students for participating in an "OpX" poll and contest.
   The winners were Colton Williams, freshman and Cynthia Lopez, Junior.
   They each recieved A Regal 16 Cinema party worth $60 and other prizes as well, including ballons and candy.
   Ibrahim said Operation X encourages students to visit a My Space-type Web site. Students need parental permission to participate.
   The site encourages students to be tobacco-free and shows anti-"Big Tobacco" advertising. The more the students participate online, the better their chances of winning prizes increases.