To the Editor,

   Why did the chicken cross the street?
   Because chickens, duck, geese and other fowl will no longer be welcome within the Madras city limits. With the economy the way it is, how can you take food out of people's mouths? Ban chickens but put in a KFC; now there is an odd twist. Chickens are OK if they come in extra crispy.
   Have you looked at the price of eggs? Most of these people are probably using them for some type of food supply, whether it is for the meat or for the eggs.
   How is it that in the same article one man says we have not received that many complaints, and in a few paragraphs later the article says the city has been receiving numerous complaints about chickens and roosters? Which is it, and whom are we supposed to believe?
   How many of the City Council members have been bothered by or harassed by any of these wild fowl? I do not understand why our leaders keep trying to shove all these big city rules down our throats. You would think our City Council would have better things to worry about than some noisy birds. Something smells fowl, and it is not the chickens.
   Speaking of fowl, has anyone seen the color of this new building that is going up downtown? They ought to make them cover that or something. If Madras needs to complain about something, you should start with that. Just the color alone ought to be a violation of some Madras code. It says we are going to be forced to look at that thing until July. The color of this building is far louder than any chicken; I would rather have the noise.
   I see more and more reasons for people not wanting to live here and all these regulations and rules are not helping our economy any. People want to live where they feel comfortable and free -- not living under someone elses rules. I do not see how changing everything now will make living here any better.
   Well, I'll probably ruffle some feathers; oh well!
   Raymond Riddle
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