>   After interviewing four candidates for the new position of fair coordinator, the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners has hired Sandy Forman, of Madras.
   "The board just felt that Sandy was more receptive to changes that the board felt needed to be done," said Chairman Bill Bellamy, noting that Forman also did very well in the interview process.
   Forman, who has been the fair secretary since 2003, was hired for the fulltime position, beginning April 1.
   In February, as a cost-cutting measure, the commission decided to eliminate the fairgrounds manager position -- held by Lottie Holcomb since 2003 -- and create a fairgrounds coordinator position. The new position has lower pay and no managerial or fiscal duties.
   The new position pays $34,070, compared to $52,145 for the former job. For Forman, however, it will be an increase from the staff assistant position, which currently pays $27,684, according to Kathie Rohde, county accounting manager.
   "We're taking applications at Human Resources, or the Finance Department," for the staff assistant job, she noted.
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