April 10 at the library

by:  - Kathie Olson's book

"Pages of the Past" by Kathie Olson is much more than a history of the Jefferson County Library; it's a history of the Madras community from 1916 to the present.
   Retired children's librarian Olson, spent seven years researching old library minutes and records, interviewing past librarians, thumbing through old volumes of The Madras Pioneer, and reading local history books to gather material for her book.
   The publication has photos and illustrations on almost all its 146 pages, and was funded with a grant from the Jefferson County Cultural Coalition.
   Olson will have copies available at a book signing from 4 to 5:30 p.m., Thursday, April 10, inside the Jefferson County Library. The books are being sold at cost, which is $27.50.
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