by: Photo By Holly Gill - Apache Crown Dancers from the Chemawa Indian School wore black body paint as part of their costumes.

Dancers traveled all the way from the Chemawa Indian School in Salem for the April 18 Cultural Assembly at Madras High School.
   Dressed in traditional yellow and black garments, the Apache Crown Dancers from Chemawa entertained high school students for about 20 minutes. The male dancers wore black body paint, black coverings over their heads to obscure their faces, and tall crowns.
   "Each crown represents a helper spirit and a mountain that's sacred in the Apache area," explained Warner Austin, performing arts teacher at Chemawa, who accompanied the dancers.
   The assembly also included Native American dancers from the high school and middle school, accompanied by StarHorse drummers, Hispanic Dancers, and Carlos Aguirre on the Native American flute.
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