>   To the Editor,
   Apparently there are some strange priorities being considered in the Culver schools.
   Funding was available to recently purchase a parcel of property for over $200,000, and negotiations are under way for the purchase of more land. This is in the face of the voters last year refusing to fund some $20 million of school construction.
   How can money be available for land purchases yet not be available for academic programs?
   The school administration is proposing to reduce the music program to a half-time teacher, eliminating middle school and elementary school music entirely. Mr. Greg Chapman, the music teacher, is a highly qualified, well regarded instructor who will probably have to seek employment elsewhere and the excellent Culver music program will wither and die as a result.
   The remaining high school music program will no longer have younger experienced musicians moving up to fill the ranks vacated by graduating students and the elementary and middle school students will no longer experience the joy of participating in music.
   Will administration suffer a 50 percent cut? I think not! Will the athletic program be cut? I doubt it. Are the arts no longer considered of value? Well-rounded students need music and art equally as much as they need science and math. Wake up Superintendent Florence and school board! Get your priorities straight.
   Richard Hancock
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