Information from the public safety column comes from the records of the Lake Oswego Police Department. Police recently filed reports on the following incidents:

Note to readers: This is an abridged version of the Lake Oswego blotter. For the full log, including arrests, please see the print edition of your local newspaper.


10/17/11 6:31 p.m. A woman suffered neck pain after another vehicle hit her car on McVey Avenue.


10/11/11 12:58 p.m. Three months after her bicycle was stolen, a woman spotted it parked at Albertson's on Boones Ferry Road, and to make sure she would get it back she put a lock on it. A 21-year-old man who said he found the bike was cited and released for third-degree theft.

10/15/11 6:57 p.m. Scrap metal was swiped from a women's front yard on Lakeview Boulevard. Stolen were seven metal shelving units.

10/16/2011 2:45 p.m. Golf clubs and a golf bag were stolen on Bass Lane.

10/17/11 7:02 a.m. A thief broke the window of a car parked at a hotel on Meadows Road and stole a camera and other miscellaneous items.

10/17/11 12:42 p.m. A black Garmin GPS device valued at $150 was stolen from a vehicle parked on Bangy Road.

10/17/2011 4:26 p.m. Work tools and miscellaneous other items were stolen on Jefferson Parkway.


10/11/11 9:06 a.m. Motorists are tending not to obey the flashing yellow lights in the school zone at Waluga Junior High School.

10/11/11 11:21 a.m. A 34-year-old was cited and released for child neglect after a missing female toddler was found.

10/11/11 1:33 p.m. A wallet containing cash, a driver's license, two Visa cards and a check was lost at Rite Aid.

10/11/11 8:16 p.m. A client at a youth facility assaulted an employee, and the parties had to be separated.

10/12/11 8:55 a.m. A dishonest man was refusing to return a homeowner's leaf blower, which he was given to do a job that he had only partially finished.

10/12/11 9:04 a.m. Unauthorized trimming was committed on eight or nine cherry trees in Millennium Plaza Park..

10/12/11 10:19 a.m. The appearance of a mysterious stranger at a residence on Canal Circle turned out to be the unexpected visit from a son.

10/12/11 12:29 p.m. A female roommate may be having mental issues. She has been preaching to nobody for hours about the devil, and now her roommate is seeking options on how to get her out of the house.

10/12/11 4:03 p.m. A profane man is cussing out his neighbors at an apartment complex on Evergreen Road.

10/12/11 4:13 p.m. A family with three kids and a black dog began arguing and grabbing at each other at a bank on Boones Ferry Road.

10/12/11 6:27 p.m. A seemingly drunken driver in a Lake Oswego-registered station wagon left Serenity Lane in Portland, but the woman who owns the car said her husband was driving it and staying in Tigard.

10/12/11 6:51 p.m. A guy named Tony who had been banned from a coffee shop on Boones Ferry Road was standing outside and waving to employees.

10/13/11 3:33 a.m. A suspicious man was rifling through Dumpsters and carrying a tall, white trash bag at apartments on Davis Lane, but it turned out he was also a resident at the complex and likely had trash to throw away, too.

10/13/11 7:11 a.m. Removing fallen trees on Lakeview Boulevard is a sensitive job and neighbors are upset about it. Extra patrols have been requested.

10/13/11 10:33 a.m. An erratic driver has been running his burgundy vehicle through several stop signs and traffic lights. So far he has evaded pursuers.

10/14/11 3 a.m. Loud talkers who play loud music are upsetting neighbors on Greenridge Drive.

10/14/11 9:57 a.m. A stakeout on Lake Haven Drive paid off when dogs were observed escaping from a yard by crawling under the fence. The dogs' owner was to be confronted about their behavior.

10/14/11 1 p.m. A male-female verbal fight ended up with the woman jumping in a car and driving away, while the man followed her on foot as fast as humanly possible.

10/14/11 3:36 p.m. Two sneaky teens were seen going through a fenced yard, then disappearing.

10/15/11 1:46 a.m. A 14-year-old girl reported as a runaway was discovered safe and sound in a different bedroom than a parent expected her to be in.

10/15/11 8:11 a.m. When a woman asked a road crew member on Sunset Drive when some asphalt would be removed, he rudely answered 'they were just getting started.'

10/15/11 10 a.m. A father found a container that may contain meth in his house. This would not be a surprise because his daughter is a meth addict.

10/15/11 11:34 a.m. A house on Hidalgo Street has been egged four or five times, and the homeowner is losing patience.

10/15/11 10:36 p.m. Naughty neighbor boys are knocking on the window of a girl's bedroom on Wood Thrush Street.

10/16/11 4:54 p.m. The peace of Oriole Lane has been disrupted by a neighbor who insists on playing the drums at all hours, day and night.

10/17/11 11:45 a.m. A dispute broke out over parking in a handicapped spot at Albertsons on State Street.

10/17/11 2:03 p.m. Michael Alan Swayze, 48, registered as a sex offender.

10/17/11 5:52 p.m. One little client biffed another little client on the nose at a youth facility.

10/17/11 7:13 p.m. A 9-year-old son ran away from home in an attempt to evade discipline. However, he was caught and returned home.

10/17/11 10:07 p.m. A son was kicking his mother to gain her attention when police officers arrived on the scene.


10/14/11 5:11 p.m. While a woman was shopping at Albertsons on State Street, her wallet was stolen and her credit cards have since been used fraudulently.

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