To the Editor,
   There has been a great injustice to the city of Culver's police officer. There were charges brought against officer Powell by the person that the city of Culver hired to train her. It's my understanding a Culver city employee gave private city records to Enes Smith without the city of Culver's council's permission. Enes Smith then contacted Unicel, acquired officer Powell's private information without councilors' permission, or officer Powell's permission. Enes Smith then contacted the district attorney, again without permission, which started an investigation.
   It has been stated that officer Powell used the city of Culver's credit card to pay her personal cell phone bill, but what hasn't been told is that phone is indeed a work phone. When the D.A. took this issue to the grand jury and received an indictment, in my opinion it was Enes Smith that called the media and newspapers and boosted the charges; in my opinion this is not something a person who claims to have integrity would do.
   I attended a City Council meeting on April 14 and in my opinion Kecia Powell was treated in a hostile manner by the mayor and the attorney of Culver; in my opinion they have already found her guilty without a trial.
   All the council members have presented a letter to the D.A. to drop the charges and find Kecia Powell not guilty. Nothing has been done. Why?
   Kecia Powell did not commit a crime but the person hired to train her did, in my opinion. And so it's time to investigate the right person. This has been a great impact on Kecia Powell's career and her family; she has been put back to work but with restriction which makes it almost impossible to do her job. In my opinion Mr. Enes Smith was hired to train Kecia, instead he is trying to ruin her career.
   Jo Barnhart
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