>Donna Quick-Polka writes 'Musings'

   Antelope author Donna Quick-Polka will hold a reading and book signing in Madras for her third edition of "Musings About This and That."
   The author's visit will be at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 23, in the Rodriguez Annex of the library.
   She also wrote the book "A Place Called Antelope: the Rajneesh Story," which is now out of print.
   "But there is a chapter on Antelope out of that book in `Musings.' That's a story unto itself on how those people (Rajneesh followers) operate," Quick-Polka said by phone.
   Those who come to the reading can enter a drawing to give away two copies of the "Musings" book and note packets of the author's paintings.
   In a review of "Musings," retired University of Oregon journalism professor Roy Paul Nelson commented on Quick-Polka's "delightful essays and stories:"
   "With her remarkable storytelling ability and her dedication to accurate reporting (some of these pieces appeared originally in newspapers in several states), she educates while she entertains," he wrote.
   "If you're an older reader, she brings on a wave of nostalgia for those innocent days of the Great Depression and the solemn times of World War II," Nelson continued.
   "Outspoken, but never harsh, Quick-Polka also has some pertinent things to say about today's life and culture, sometimes drawing strong contrasts with the past."
   "Also an accomplished landscape painter, she brings this ability to her writing. These readable essays come to you almost in picture form, which explains their readability."
   "The book is largely a celebration of small-town and rural life, and part of her story describes what went on in the town of Antelope, when a cult moved nearby and took over. As someone who lived in the town at the time, she later published a landmark book `A Place Called Antelope,' which told the full, dramatic story of what happened," Nelson said.
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