Protesters need to understand Constitution

While riding the bus Wednesday past the downtown Portland main street park where the 'Occupy Portland' protesters currently reside, I noticed a sign that read, 'Change the Constitution.'

This sign reflects the general lack of understanding amongst Americans of our constitutional Republic, an ignorance that has been carefully cultivated by the various organs of propaganda, which have afflicted this nation for quite some time now.

This purported grass roots movement demands of government solutions to the problems, which threaten us, not understanding where the problems often originate. As an example, while the once unpopular Federal Reserve Act was being considered in Congress and debated amongst study groups around the nation, the proposed plan was being hailed as a triumph of regulation over the money trust of Wall Street, despite the fact that it was this same money trust that constructed the plan in the first place.

This deception allowed for its passage by Congress, and since that time Americans have paid dearly with their pocketbooks and with the blood of their sons.

No, we do not need to change the Constitution, but we do need to understand it better, as well as the intent of its framers. This is necessary if Americans are to remain free, for if the people demanded its public servants function solely within the limitations permitted under the Constitution, we would see true solutions to our many problems and once again enjoy prosperity and liberty for all.

Allan Page


Business section shows progress for women

Thank you for printing the extra section in the paper recently, '2011 Women in Business.' It may seem like a dry subject to some.

Actually, I find it fascinating because as a senior citizen, I grew up in an era when women were not allowed to be ambitious.

If they were, they could expect the professional occupation field limited to a job such as teacher or nurse. Marriage and motherhood were stressed as the ideal career path.

I give a lot of credit to women of the baby boom era for establishing themselves as the breakthrough generation on women's rights.

They have had a long hard fight to prove that they were not the weaker sex that needed to be protected by men to survive.

Now, because of their efforts, we can read in the paper of achieving women of business and industry like it is an everyday event, because it is!

Don Neary


Gresham employees deserve thanks for paving

I wish to applaud the outstanding collective efforts by the city of Gresham's Engineering and Operations Division and with special kudos to the Pavement Management team for aiding in coordinating a huge project in pavement maintenance this year.

Though recently retired, I recall well all the things that needed to be done for a long time and just simply never had the funding for in my 18 years. This year was special due to unexpected funding; and driving around town it is easy to tell that the backlog of incompleted tasks has been greatly diminished and taxpayers should be pleased.

I know this fine work was especially difficult due to some retirements and some new people with new assignments. Everyone of the involved City Transportation personnel should deservedly take a bow for a job well done. I am proud of what you all accomplished and wish it possible similar funding could be made available every year.

James A. Clark


Tough EPA rules for Oregon hurt industry

It is not only the environmental rules that cost jobs. It's the fact that this rule-making bureaucracy is continually making more.

Businesses will choose to locate where they can see that their expenses will be more stable. The EPA will have something to say about every drop of rain that lands in Oregon. Of course, if stuffing hamburgers in one another's face is all we want for jobs, then who cares where the industrial jobs go?

Richard H. Crampton


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