Flow Artists meet weekly to discuss recent efforts
by: Contributed artwork ‘Bursting with Life,’ a watercolor collage by Carol Manfredi.

A group of local artists believe 'go with the flow' is not just a piece of casual advice, but a mantra for making art.

The Flow Artists - Kathy Allegri, Beth Verheyden, Carol Manfredi, Kara Pilcher, Susie Schreiber, Gina Lock, Suzi Blaisdell and Yvonne Knoll - have been meeting weekly for a few years to discuss and critique each other's watercolor, acrylic and monoprint paintings.

The artists paint with water-based media on paper or canvas in their own studios and then bring their works-in-progress to their meetings for evaluation and comment.

The group's efforts are now on display from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, until Nov. 5, at the Allegri Wine and Art Gallery, 44 N. Main St.

Allegri says artists tend to work in isolation, so it's good for them to get out and mingle and talk about each other's efforts.

'Each of us all have some input on the design and composition,' she said. 'We're helping each other create stronger paintings. It does help to have other artists whose work we respect and whose critique we respect have input into our work.'

Allegri says certain artists are drawn to work with water-based media.

'There's a certain spontaneity and flow to it,' she says. 'It's very versatile. It's difficult for most artists to master, so that's why we like it.'

She adds that painting watercolors is not for everybody.

'It's very frustrating for somebody who is a photographic realist,' she says, noting such artists tend to focus on fine details whereas watercolor artists are more concerned with how an image 'feels.'

She also notes water-based works tend to surprise not just those who view them, but the artists who make them.

'If you have a good eye and skill you can create a wonderful image that you didn't even expect,' she adds.

For more information, call the gallery at 971-219-6790.

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