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CROSS COUNTRY - Reynolds gets record turnout for its racing team
by: Jim Clark Reynolds High cross country coach and science teacher Tadd Reaney is in his 14th season with the program.

Cross-country isn't a glamorous sport. The cheerleaders don't build pyramids at the finish line. The booster club doesn't tailgate before your race. The sport is built on a battle to see which team can run 3.1 miles the fastest, often in isolated groups on remote trails. By the second mile marker most runners are left gasping for air, sweat pouring down their faces and stinging their eyes. But the finish line remains nowhere in sight. Their legs must carry them another five minutes across trails, up hills, through the rain.

This isn't a sport for those who can't take on a heavy dose of pain.

So how did the Reynolds cross-country team become one of the largest groups on campus?

That's where coach Tadd Reaney comes in challenging his runners to push toward the next goal, while making sure everyone is having fun along the way.

For most teams, the focus is on the first weekend in November and qualifying for the state meet. But at Reynolds, the 'can't miss' event of the year happens in August before the season officially begins.

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the team camping trip set up by Tadd and his wife Lynn - a week of running the trails of Central Oregon. There are campfires, swims in the Metolius River and trail running - lots and lots of running...

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