Sept. 23, 2:10 a.m.: Portland Police Traffic Officers pulled over 24-year-old Southwest Portland resident Brandy Stromme near the intersection of Southwest Bertha Court and Southwest Capitol Highway for crossing the fog line while driving her white Chevy pickup truck. Officers conducted a DUII investigation and determined that her BAC was .17, more than twice the legal limit. She was arrested and taken to the Multnomah County Jail.

Oct. 6, 1:49 a.m.: A man called from the Glen Alden Apartments, located in the 1700 block of Southwest Multnomah Boulevard, to report that the 'gal that he'd met at a bar' that night had just stolen his 2011 Chevy Cruze.

The car had OnStar service, and police officers coordinated with OnStar to locate the vehicle via GPS. They planned to have OnStar slow the car once officers were behind it. They tracked the vehicle to the southwest corner of North Concord Avenue and North Prescott Street, where officers located and arrested 44-year-old Cowanda Matthews for driving while suspended and stealing the car. She was taken to Multnomah County Jail.

Oct. 11, 8:07 a.m.: Officers from Portland Police's Central Precinct responded to a report of a suspicious device on the school grounds at Rieke Elementary, located at 1405 S.W. Vermont St. When officers arrived, students had already been cleared from the area. The officers put up caution tape and notified the Explosive Removal Unit. A teacher had first noticed the device, described as a ball of cloth wrapped in gray tape with a short piece of nylon rope sticking out of its top. Blue foam and additional gray tape were wrapped around the outside of the device. Officers determined the device was safe and gave the school the 'all clear.' It is uncertain if the item was meant to be a hoax device.

Oct. 11, 10:18 a.m.: A woman who lives in the 3100 block of Southwest Fairmount Boulevard called to report a burglary that had occurred at her home sometime between Sept. 20 and Sept. 23. Entry was made via a ground floor door that was not well secured, and numerous electronic items were stolen. Police have no suspects.

Oct. 18, 10:19 a.m.: A man called from the 4200 block of Southwest Altadena Avenue to report that his garage had been broken into sometime between Oct. 13 and Oct. 17. Entry had been made via the unlocked garage door, and miscellaneous sporting goods and tools had been stolen. Police have no suspects.

Oct. 20, 8:58 p.m.: A man called from the 6400 block of Southwest Capitol Highway to report that his Ford pickup truck has been broken into. The suspect had pried open the driver's-side door lock to gain entry and had stolen the caller's friend's backpack. Police have no suspects.


Sept. 25, 5:28 p.m.: A man called from the 3400 block of Southwest Moss Street to report a burglary in progress at his home. The man had been doing yard work in his backyard when he had heard noises coming from inside his house, which he found odd because no one else was home. He went inside to find a man he did not know standing in his kitchen. The man immediately ran out the front door, and the homeowner chased after him. While officers were searching for the suspect, they received an anonymous call reporting the suspect in the area of Southwest Capitol Highway and Southwest California Street. Once officers arrived, another witness said they'd seen a man matching the suspect's description heading southbound on Southwest 29th Avenue from Southwest Texas Street.

Police observed a man matching the suspect's description at the location and told him to stop where he was. He ignored the officer and ran off in a full sprint. The officer followed, and a full pursuit ensued. The officer drew his taser and gave the man two warnings. A second officer warned him as well. The man continued to run, and so the officer deployed his taser effectively, causing the man to fall to the ground. While on the ground, the man attempted to pull out the taser wires, and officers were able to take him into custody while it was still going off. The homeowner identified the man, 18-year-old Southwest Portland resident Nathaniel Wales, as the person he had encountered in his kitchen.

Wales, who has mental disabilities police were unaware of at the time of his arrest, had injured his chin in his fall. He was issued a citation and brought to the hospital for an evaluation. His case was forwarded to the district attorney's office.

Sept. 30, 1:59 p.m.: A man called from the 8200 block of Southwest 30th Avenue to report that a burglary to his apartment had occurred sometime between 8:45 a.m. and 2 p.m. There was no sign of forced entry, but the victim said he thought the burglar had gained entry through an unlocked sliding-glass patio door. An Xbox and Xbox games were stolen. Police have no suspects.

Oct. 3, 2:54 a.m.: An employee at the Boom Boom Room, located at 8343 S.W. Barbur Blvd., called to report two people slashing tires in the parking lot. The suspects, described as a white female and a Hispanic male, had last been seen heading eastbound on foot on Barbur Boulevard. The female had been carrying a knife with a 7' blade. The employee provided a good description of the pair, and other officers in the area were able to located the suspects in the area of Barbur Boulevard and Southwest 13th Avenue. The employee identified the them, and they were taken into custody. The woman, 22-year-old Tigard resident Krystine Baker, still had the knife in her back pocket.

The employee told police the two had come to the bar and tried to enter, at which time Baker had been informed of its policy against weapons. She had then put her knife back in her truck, and the pair went in and had a few drinks at the bar. Both Baker and the man said they didn't remember slashing the tires. They hit three cars in all. Baker was taken into custody for two counts of second-degree criminal mischief and lodged at the Multnomah County Jail.

Oct. 17, 2:50 a.m.: A male employee at the Chevron station located at 9025 S.W. Barbur Blvd. called to report a robbery. Three men in a light blue four-door 2000 Mercury CVC had pulled into the lot and, when the attendant came to pump their gas, the driver had told him to hold on. The front-seat passenger got out of the car, walked inside and went straight to the counter. While the clerk had his back turned, the man went behind the counter, grabbed three cartons of cigarettes and attempted to reach the station's safe. The clerk noticed this, grabbed the suspect's coat and tried to call 9-1-1, but the suspect broke free and went running southbound down Barbur Boulevard. The men in the Mercury left without buying gas, picked the suspect up and drove away.

The clerk recognized the suspect as a frequent customer who 'comes in high and gives us crap.' He described the man as black male between 25- and 30-years-old who was 5'6', 140 pounds with a short goatee in the mustache. He was wearing a black beanie, a black coat, a black shirt, black pants and white shoes. Officers were unable to locate him.

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