No on school recall

We still urge a no vote on the recall of Terry Howell and Anna Tavera-Weller

We've said from the start we had misgivings about the effort to oust two Forest Grove School District board members. And, although some of our concerns have been alleviated, we still are urging a no vote on the recall of Terry Howell and Anna Tavera-Weller.

We agree with the recall organizers that this election has become much more than a group of folks upset by the closing of Gales Creek Elementary School.

We agree that the Summit on Education held in the spring seemed like a bait and switch, inviting the public to craft a vision for the district and then leaving them out of important decisions when it came time to cut programs and electives.

And, we agree that the five-member board made things worse by delaying serious discussions about budget priorities.

So, in considering a series of very tough decisions, did Howell and Tavera-Weller make some mistakes? Probably. And, should they run for re-election next year, voters should consider their record.

But a recall, in our view, is a serious political tool and should be used only to remove elected officials whose conduct is at odds with the public interest. And in this instance, that threshold has not been met.