As the overused cliché says, 'the bottom line' is that we citizens of West Linn need to provide a secure and adequate facility from which our police can do their job of protecting our person and property.

Many of our neighbors have written about the need to pass the bond measure to provide a new police station.

Thoughtful remarks have included appreciation for the response our police officers have given to personal safety encounters, the hard work the 16-member advisory committee of our fellow citizens put into analyzing the deficiencies of the current police station, the minimal requirements our first responders need in order to respond to our needs and the relatively low tax we would pay in order to obtain a vastly superior facility.

Upon my appointment for a short tenure on the West Linn City Council last year, the 2010 measure was already headed to the ballot box. For many of the same reasons given in support of the current measure, I supported it. But, the current measure does reflect a positive response by the city and council to some of the issues, like location and cost - about which voters expressed concerns in the 2010 measure.

However, the primary reason for voting yes on this measure - as was true of the last one - remains the same. Please join Mary and me in voting yes on 3-377 to provide safety and security for those from whom we expect the same.

Jim Mattis is a West Linn resident.

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