High school roof price set

LOHS gym and wrestling room remain closed

Lake Oswego High School roof reconstruction could cost up to $1.1 million - the amount of a recently approved change order contract with COR Construction.

The school district closed the gym and the wrestling room in late September due to structural issues that could potentially cause a collapse in the event of an earthquake, heavy rain, winds or snow.

Construction should start once the contract is signed. A mediation settlement session was scheduled for 8 a.m. today by the school board.

'The contractor is poised to begin purchasing materials and that will take a couple of weeks for the materials to arrive,' said Rob Dreier, LOSD director of building infrastructure.

The work includes the construction of a temporary slope to help make the project less sensitive to weather for the next couple of months.

A crane will be set up on Lower Boones Ferry Road to lift off the old material and replace it with the new material.

'This will take at least three months and could be longer depending on the severity of the weather,' said Dreier.

The roof deficiencies are the latest in a string of disrepair on the six-year-old Lake Oswego High School campus. Parts of the school have been reconstructed over the last year due to what the district views as construction defects made by Robinson Construction Company and its subcontractors during the building's initial construction in 2005.

Hoping to recover costs of the repair, the district filed a claim in July 2009 against Robinson. Robinson has filed corresponding suits with its subcontractors, and mediation is still ongoing. The expense for fixing the new gym has been added to the claim.

Last summer's repairs cost the district upwards of $2.8 million for work done by Charter Construction. This summer, the district contracted with COR Construction for another $1.8 million of work.

In other school board news:

n The board agreed to task the budget committee with looking into the option of transferring some of its funds to local banks. Board member Bob Barman suggested that it could save the district in banking fees.

'I expect something from our banks. If were going to be giving them millions of dollars ... are they going to be community involved?' he asked.

Additionally, 'a lot of these banks are not the same that they were in 1998,' he said.

n Finance Director Stuart Ketzler reported that the local option levy is generating less revenue than it did in the past due to lower real estate values in the housing market. Local option levies are figured based on a formula that uses both the assessed value and the market value. Next year, the district expects to lose about $575,000 from its Clackamas County collections. In total, the district expects $6.87 million from the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

n The city of Lake Oswego recently notified the school district that it would like to enter into an easement agreement to access part of its Lake Grove Elementary School property for the laying of its water pipeline as a part of the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership. The construction, which is scheduled to begin in 2013, would likely impact traffic, though details are not yet known about what time of year the city will need the access. A formal request from the city will likely be made in the next few months.