UPDATE • Adams says protesters cannot set up camps in other city parks

Portland police say they have spent $186,400 on overtime costs related to the Occupy Portland protests as of last Sunday.

The overtime includes costs incurred during rallies and marches, along with a number of officers assigned to patrol the protest camp that was established after the initial march to protest Wall Street on Oct. 6.

Portland Parks and Recreation estimated last week that the camps had caused $19,000 worth of damage to Chapman and Lownsdale squares. Between 200 and 400 people have been camping in the two parks for the past three weeks.

Although public camping is against city policies, Mayor Sam Adams has allowed the camp to continue in the parks on a day-to-day basis.

Although some Occupy Portland protesters have threatened to set up a similar camp in the Pearl District, Adams made it clear Thursday that he would not allow that to happen.

In a statement released by Adams' office, the mayor, who is traveling in Asia as part of a 10-day trade mission, said that while he allowed the camps in the two downtown squares, 'all parks rules are in effect at all other city parks.'

'We will not allow Occupy Portland to set up an alternative encampment at any other city park,' Adams said. 'Portland police officers have been reminding Occupy Portland participants of this throughout the week, and will continue to use their discretion in enforcing parks rules throughout the city.'

Fox News contributed to this story.

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