License plate covers are illegal


To the Editor:

Last spring I was stopped on Southwest Durham Road by a Tigard police officer. I was puzzled as to why I was stopped as it was the weekend, (and) traffic was heavy and slow.

He informed me that my clear plastic cover on my rear license plate was illegal and should be removed.

I told the officer I had it on there to keep my plate clean, not to obscure anything.

He said this was a warning but to remove it as soon as possible as there was a fine in the neighborhood of $149.

Thinking about it later when I removed the clear plastic cover, (I wondered) was this some sort of harassment or was there such a law?

I checked with the local King City police, and they told me that the state of Oregon (Oregon Department of Transportation) does not want any type of cover on your license plate as it reflects light, which may cause misreading (of) the numbers and letters.

For the last few months I have seen so many covers - smoked and clear - I wonder why they don't get stopped or better yet, why are they being sold here in the state to us unaware motorists?

Bob Klum

King City