While jogging, walking or biking

Many residents try to take advantage of the good weather during early mornings or evenings by jogging, walking or biking.

However, when you are engaged in these activities, you need to be mindful that recently there have been several cases where people on bikes or those walking along the side of the road have been injured as a result of being struck by a motor vehicle.

Often the victims of this type of accident have been dressed in dark clothing, making them difficult to been seen by vehicle traffic.

It is suggested that when jogging, walking or bike riding during dark hours of the day that you do one or more of the following; wear light-colored clothing or a vest that is reflective or carry a flashlight or light stick.

In addition, you should carry or wear some type of identification. Identification can be anything from your emergency notification information on a tag sewn on your clothing to ID (dog tags) on a chain around your neck.

In any case, the information should contain at a minimum the following: name plus emergency contact name and phone number.

Another suggestion for those with cell phones is to use "ICE" (In Case of Emergency). This program is where a cell phone owner programs his or her phone with an emergency number under the term "ICE."

By adhering to these simple suggestions, you can have a safe jog, walk or ride.

What's happening in town

During the past month, calls for police service in King City neighborhoods have been average for this time of year. There were no unusual calls or events.

The police have been working traffic in the school zone at 131st and Beef Bend Road. As a result, it has been noticed that some people are still using their cell phones without a hands-free device.

As a result of the 2009 change in the state statute, this is a Class D traffic violation and subject to a $110 fine as of July 2011.

The police department reminds residents to report any suspicious activity or person that they may observe by calling 911 for urgent situations or 503629-0111 for situations that are not urgent.


This year Halloween is Monday, Oct. 31, a time when kids are in costume and out in the community. To assure that the evening is a safe one, parents should accompany their children, stay in neighborhoods that they are familiar with; each child should carry a small flashlight and a form of ID; and before eating any treat, it should be inspected by a parent.

If anything is suspicious, don't eat the material and contact the police at the non-emergency number - 503-629-0111.

Drivers on Halloween need to be aware that there will be many young people on the city streets, and drivers should exercise the necessary caution.

Good time to schedule home safety survey

It's not too late to schedule a home security survey by the police department. As the days grow shorter, it is a good time to check out doors and windows, sidewalks and pathways, and exterior lighting.

So if you want some help, give me a call and schedule a home survey. I can be reached at 503-620-8851 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is no charge for this service.

Until next time, be good, be neighborly and be safe.

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