Summerfield men's golf champ is newcomer

Del Jordan was member of Roseburg Country Club before moving
by: Barbara Sherman 

MAKING A SPLASH — Del Jordan didn’t waste much time after he moved into Summerfield in mid-summer and joined the men’s golf club - a few weeks later he took the club championship. “I’m pretty lucky I found this place,” he said.

Del Jordan sure knows how to make an entrance - he moved into Summerfield in July and in mid-August won the Summerfield Men's Golf Club championship.

For the longtime golfer, moving into a community with a superb golf course was a bonus, but even more important, Summerfield is located close to where his four children and nine grandchildren live.

Del moved here from Roseburg after spending most of his life in eastern and southern Oregon.

Del was born in Los Angeles, and his family moved to Echo near Pendleton when he was 4. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Oregon, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in education and also played on the baseball team.

Del, who went on to earn his master's degree and administrative credential in education, spent his career teaching.

While teaching at Grants Pass High School, his best friend won the country club golf championship and urged Del to start playing.

"I kind of got hooked on it," he said.

Del also taught at Glide High School and coached the Roseburg High School golf team.

Golf was a family affair, as he and his four children all played.

"When the kids were growing up, the whole summer was dedicated to going to junior golf tournaments," he said. "They were all on the golf teams in college, and they still golf."

Winning runs in the Jordan family, as two weeks after Del moved to Summerfield, he and his youngest son played in a member/guest tournament and won, plus two sons and his daughter golfed with him at a Tualatin Country Club tournament and won.

"It's a big advantage to them because they're in business and can work while they're playing golf," Del said.

Despite his children living in this area, Del said he delayed moving here because he has so many good friends in the Roseburg area and enjoyed playing golf at the Roseburg Country Club, but eventually family won out.

"I looked at a lot of places, and Summerfield is right in the middle of where all the kids are," Del said. "I knew it had a nine-hole golf course, and the day I came here, I joined the golf club. In fact, I joined everything.

"The men's golf club is very active compared to the Roseburg club. They do things several days a week. The men play Wednesday and Friday, and they do different games Monday. I've made a lot of friends already. There are really nice people here."

Del said he is looking forward to playing other courses in the area, "but since the kids grew up in the junior golf tournaments, between them and me, I've played some of the great golf courses in the Northwest."

Del volunteers as a marshal on the Summerfield course, noting, "There are so many volunteers here that I thought I should do my share."

All in all, he is happy with his new home in Summerfield: "I'm pretty lucky I found this place," Del said. "A lot of people befriended me right away."