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   The Madras Aquatic Center is establishing three new positions to work under the general manager as it moves into the next fiscal year.
   According to MAC General Manager Bobby DeRoest, new positions include an aquatic supervisor, a business manager and a recreation program coordinator.
   The Madras-based pool is reorganizing somewhat after a year in which it faced several budgetary issues. At the end of December, the board of directors indicated the pool would face a $92,000 deficit at the end of the current fiscal year (June 30) if substantial cutbacks weren't put in place. The pool then cut staffing and hours and closed the pool for the month of April.
   The business manager position will be part time, 15 to 20 hours a week, and pay $14 per hour. The job will include budget development, financial reporting and forecasting revenue and expenditures.
   The aquatic supervisor will develop and direct swimming and water safety recreational and educational programs. The full-time job's salary level is given at $18,000 to $24,000 per year, with benefits.
   The recreation program coordinator is perhaps the most intriguing of the three positions. It represents the pool district entering into a more expanded recreational program. It's been given a name: MAC-REC.
   DeRoest said that the MAC has been provided two outside funding sources to pay for the expansion into a recreation program.
   "We have received funds for two functions: to hire a program coordinator to organize an array of activities for the community, and to seek outside planning in the creation/implementation of a parks and rec (organization)," noted DeRoest.
   According to the job description, this program coordinator "schedules, supervises and manages recreational, educational and training programs/events." No details on what those programs entail, or on the MAC's plan for a recreational program, were provided.
   The MAC-REC program director is a full-time position and its salary level is listed at $28,000 to $36,000 per year, plus benefits.
   The three jobs would have a combined prebenefits salary cost of approximately $57,000 to $75,000 per year. Benefits would likely push that cost toward $100,000. However, as noted, the MAC obtained some grant funding for the MAC-REC aspect of the reorganization.
   For more detailed information on the three positions -- including qualifications, salary levels and application deadlines -- check the pool's website at Applications are also available at the pool.
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