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By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   An applicant for nomination to run for the Crooked River Ranch Homeowners Association Board of Directors has withdrawn, according to Ted Cook, president.
   Cook said Saturday that he was trying to round up five board members to vote on reopening the application process and extending the deadline to June 16.
   As of Monday, it was confirmed by Jay Nordin, HOA secretary, that the necessary votes evidently had been cast by the board over the weekend and the new deadline was established as June 16.
   There are three board openings and three applications have been received by the nominating committee, it was reported. Applicants still interested in running for the board can download an application from or pick one up at the Ranch office.
   To download an application from the Ranch website, click on "Notices," then "Alerts," and scroll down to "Candidate application instructions," and follow the directions. Or call the Ranch office at 542-548-8939.
   Communications conference
   The recently formed Crooked River Ranch Communications Committee held a "Conference to Improve Ranch Communications" May 21 at Ranch Chapel Family Center.
   The event focused on which aspects of both the Ranch newsletter and website are positive, and which need improvement.
   A survey of Ranch residents had been taken recently by the committee, with the vast majority of the 179 respondents saying Ranch communications were wanting in both those news sources. There are other issues about the content and detail of Ranch Homeowners Association board communications that some Ranchers will want addressed down the road.
   Conference attendees included seven committee members, headed by Chairman Gail Day, her husband Larry Day, the opening speaker, plus Kit Henderson, Billy Higgins, Diane Knox, Tom Huspek and Paulette Nordin, chairman of the Ranch Phase Reps.
   It was also attended by four HOA board members: vice president Jim Martin, secretary Jay Nordin; and directors Vince Pelly and Ben Johnson.
   Attendees sat at tables for eight, equipped with pencils, pads, candy and various documents handed out before and during the meeting. A buffet breakfast was available as was child care if needed.
   Each table was given an assignment to brainstorm and report what it liked about either the Ranch newsletter or website and what suggestions they had to improve them.
   Laptops were also available at each table on which participants could view the Ranch newsletter or the current website and a new version -- http// -- which Palmquist reportedly had been developing prior to his departure last week.
   During the website discussions, it was disclosed that a new information technology provider would be engaged soon to replace the existing one. No reason was offered, except that Palmquist was not satisfied with the current one.
   A Central Oregon IT supplier told the Pioneer that Palmquist denied that he had put out requests for quotes to modify the Ranch Web page and contract with a new IT supplier.
   The comments and suggestions read by the appointed scrivener at each table were recorded on a chalkboard by Paulette Nordin and generally applauded by Gail Day and the other attendees as being innovative and useful.
   Those suggestions with the most consensus included:
   . Both a printed and mailed newsletter as well as a Web version were needed.
   . Lead time for monthly editions needs to be reduced.
   . Separate sections for visitors and homeowners would help.
   . A calendar of events would be useful to both groups.
   . Directory of info on the website needed.
   . Updated calendar of events important.
   . Ranch phone book reproduction would help.
   . Road maintenance and school bus stop schedules needed.
   . Readily accessible Ranch forms and documents required.
   Day also elicited support from attendees for a follow-up conference in the near future to expand the suggestions recorded and recommend them to the HOA board.
   Attendees were encouraged before leaving to register their name, contact points and interest in further involvement with the Communications Committee's efforts.
   Further information about the communications committee and its mission can be had by emailing Gail Day at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Paulette Nordin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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