Mayoral candidate Eileen Brady won a big-name endorsement on Monday: former Mayor Tom Potter.

Potter blasted an e-mail to Brady's listserv, announcing his support:

'Eileen has the experience that Portlanders can count on to lead us through these difficult economic times. I am confident that she will effectively combine long-term vision with pragmatism and focus at City Hall, as she has in the private, nonprofit and public sectors.

'I am also endorsing Eileen for another reason: Because I believe in the way she has chosen to run her campaign.

'When I ran for mayor in 2004, I made a conscious choice to run a decentralized, people-powered campaign. I ended up setting a city record, which still stands, by collecting donations from 1,300 individual contributors.

'Eileen understands the power of the grassroots and has set out to beat my record of 1,300 contributors - and I want to help her get there.

'As of today, 850 people have contributed to Eileen's campaign, 500 of which have been contributions of $100 or less. That's an impressive start, but we still have a ways to go.'

As of Tuesday morning, Brady had taken in about $254,000 in contributions but has just 40 percent of that remaining. Smith has $96,000 of his $110,000 remaining. And Hales has a little less than half of his $181,000 remaining.

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