A Gresham man faces federal accusations of sneaking 500 rounds of ammunition via his carry-on luggage into a foreign country.

Nario Eter, 66, reportedly told an FBI agent on Monday, Oct. 24, that he carried 10 boxes of .22-caliber ammunition on a flight from Portland to Guam. It wasn't until he tried to board a flight from Guam to Micronesia that the ammunition was discovered.

According to a federal magistrate's complaint, Eter 'knowingly, willingly and intentionally undertook efforts to ensure Eter would defeat TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) security measures at the Portland International Airport in that Eter wrapped the 500 rounds of ammunition in gray tape so they would not be identifiable to TSA personnel.'

The complaint goes on to state that Eter knew there were regulations and laws prohibiting him from carrying ammunition on an airplane, and his efforts to get the rounds past TSA agents in Guam were unsuccessful.

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