$30 introduction rate for 30 days

by: Photo By Joe McHaney - Madras Yoga Center owner Molly Clark has recently opened a yoga studio in Madras at 346 S.W. Culver Highway.

After instructing yoga classes in Bend over the past four years, Molly Clark has elected to open a yoga studio in Madras.
   Clark has constructed a state-of-the-art facility located at 346 S.W. Culver Highway that screams yoga and she is excited to bring yoga practice to Madras.
   "We had an open house this past weekend and it went really well," Clark said. "Madras is a great opportunity to start a business."
   Clark said she was apprehensive to open a yoga studio in Madras, thinking the community may not be large enough to sustain a studio, but her family lives in the area and wanted her to stick around.
   "I have the only yoga studio in town and I love the area and community," Clark said. "I think there is an interest in yoga, and with several studios in the Bend area, Madras seemed like the right fit."
   Yoga is a mind and body experience and Clark said once people give it a try, most tend to get addicted.
   "It's a mind and body connection," Clark said of yoga. "It can be for anybody. You can be in poor shape or sick and still gain benefits from yoga."
   Clark is offering an introduction rate to give yoga a try. For $30, interested people can try unlimited yoga instruction for 30 days.
   Open Monday through Saturday, classes are 90 minutes long and Clark offers hour sessions at 7 a.m. and at 12 p.m as well.
   The studio can hold 30-40 participants and Clark focuses her instruction on asana yoga, targeting basic yoga positions and natural body movements.
   "I'm teaching strictly yoga postures," Clark said. "Once you get through the door, you will see improvements in your life, not just your body."
   Clark spent nine weeks at a yoga training Hawaii training, prior to instructing over 200 classes a year in Bend.
   For more information, contact Clark at the Madras Yoga Center at 541-475-0475.
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