How I See It, By Joe McHaney

Kid ‘n Play spotted

by: Photo By Joe McHaney - Madras senior Jordan Brown showcased a hairstyle similar to Kid ‘n Play, who were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Madras senior running back Jordan Brown last Friday night when he removed his helmet for the National Anthem.
   At first glance, I thought that it was Christopher "Kid" Reid of the famous hip hop duo Kid `n Play, who were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
   Brown was sporting a high-top fade, which you just don't see anymore, but the animated MHS senior was rocking the haircut Sept. 9 against visiting La Pine, and it was awesome.
   While the hair may not stand as tall as Christopher "Kid" Reid's did during his prime, Brown has a solid start and I hope he continues to grow his high-top fade this season.
   Not only did Brown sport the high-top fade, but he also had three lines carved just above the ears, making his look sensational.
   The retro haircut sums up Brown. The very talented and athletic running back brings a ton of personality to the White Buffalos, but he showed off more than just his personality during the game. In the first quarter, MHS senior quarterback Andrew McConnell handed the ball to Brown, who busted through the line, but his helmet was ripped off his head five yards into the run. Brown, however, didn't stop running and he plowed through and over defenders with no helmet into the end zone from 21 yards out, sporting that classic high-top fade for all those in attendance to admire.
   The crowd went bonkers and Brown set the tone for the entire game with his physical run. He let everyone know that this is a different MHS football team this season and they're going to punch opponents in the mouth with a physical style of play.
   Unfortunately, the touchdown was called back because in high school football, a runner is automatically ruled down once his helmet comes off, to protect the player. It was the right call.
   Brown, who made a name for himself over the past two seasons on the gridiron with spectacular burst of speeds coupled with a physical style of running, scored several touchdowns on punt and kickoff returns, and out of the back field. He didn't need the high-top fade last year to get noticed by Tri-Valley Conference coaches, who voted Brown a TVC second-team running back and first-team defensive back.
   Not that Brown needs the high-top fade to get noticed, but it sure is fun to see a kid entertain with a wild hair cut. I can just picture Brown roaming the halls of MHS, behaving himself of course, with a fresh pair of high tops and his hip-hop haircut.
   I bet some MHS teachers who were youngsters in the early 1990s that used to watch Will Smith, who rocked the high-top fade at times on the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air,"were inspired by Brown. I know my wheels were spinning.
   I could see myself growing out my hair for a retro look. Maybe I could also bring back some pop culture. I could go with the Vanilla Ice look because I can recite every single word of Vanilla Ice's hit "Ice Ice Baby." He wore the white high-top fade and he also had the lines carved above his ears.
   Maybe I could recruit MHS baseball coach Adam Randall, who was also in awe of Brown's haircut last Friday. Randall and I could rock the white high-top fades and get together with Brown for some rap sessions after the game.
   Mmmm ... Not sure that will happen because I'm pretty sure Randall or I don't have the courage or moves to pull it off, but at least Brown has me thinking.
   Sweet look kid, very sweet look.