Scappoose girls uncatchable; boys eke out first, too
by: John Brewington WINNING MOVE—Scappoose’s Tyler Wills nipped two Astoria runners just before the finish line and that’s what it took to give Scappoose the boys district title.

Not much went wrong for the Scappoose girls cross country team at the district meet on Thursday-they easily outpaced the rest of the field and just one third-place runner from Astoria kept them from having a perfect score.

They avoided disaster along the way on sheer guts.

The Tribe's Charlie Davidson and Tia Carnahan easily finished in front of the pack. Davidson, who didn't run cross country last season as a freshman, outdistanced Carnahan, last year's champion, for the district crown. Davidson played soccer the night before the race, took a kicked ball right in the mouth and ended up in the emergency room. Cuts from her braces and a possible concussion didn't slow her down Thursday. She showed the same determination that won her the state 1,500-meter championship in track last spring.

Carnahan had an equipment malfunction of sorts, her shoes came untied midway through the race and some nagging shin splints bothered her.

'I'm happy with the finish,' she said. She won the title last year, and was second in her freshman year. She was pretty happy with the team's first place. 'We're a pretty close group. I would trust these girls with my life.'

It was a dazzling effort and their second title in a row.

'In my 16 years as a head coach at SHS I can't recall a team scoring that low. The girls have really been dominant against league and most 4A schools this season, so there wasn't a big surprise that they were going to have a really low score, just a matter of how low it would be. A terrific performance and one that sets them up to have a very good state meet,' Scappoose coach David Harley said.

The boys were stunned by Astoria last season, but this year they did the stunning.

Coach David Harley said he expected a strategic race, running for places rather than time.

Harley noted, 'The boys were certainly not favored, and knew they would be in a tight race to earn a trip to state. They have really come together these past few weeks beginning with the Philomath meet and just ran a great race to get the team win. Tyler (Wills') big finish in passing two Astoria runners right before the chute was huge. They were surprised and excited with how things turned out and I couldn't be more proud of them.'

Harley got a repeat district title from junior Zach Fry, who again broke the course record. He eclipsed his time of a year ago by seven seconds.

'It was a strategic race for the first half and then a guts race,' Fry said. He had slipped in behind two Tillamook runners for the first part of the race, then somewhere around halfway took over and gutted out a victory.

It was a close race for the team title and it wasn't decided until the finish line. Tyler Wills pulled off a last second sprint to the finish and passed two Astoria runners to pull Scappoose from second into first. The Indians would win it by three points. Wills was seventh while Todd Graham was 11th, Dan Carrier 14th, and Chris Wagner 16th to complete the Scappoose scoring.

Scappoose loses a few runners to graduation, although Davidson, Carnahan, and Fry will return. The girls got a boost as their jayvees took the first seven places. The jayvee boys had three runners in the top 10.

'The jayvee runners also did very well, which is very encouraging for the future. The team worked hard all year and to come together which such a great performance from so many of them at the district meet was fantastic,' Harley said.

The varsity team now heads off to state this Saturday at Lane Community College. Scappoose is ranked second and Carnahan said the girls want to win it all. That's not an easy task, but they may have the weapons to do it.

Scappoose results:


Team scores: Scappoose 49, Astoria 52, Tillamook 64, Seaside 80, Yamhill-Carlton 93, Banks, inc.

Scappoose Individuals: 1) Zach Fry, 16:55.17; 7) Tyler Wills, 17:59.51; 11) Todd Graham, 18:31.76; 14) Dan Carrier, 18:43.96; 16) Chris Wagner, 18:59.10; 23) Colby Wedgworth, 19:32.84; 30) Cody Jackson, 20:14.27.

Jayvee team scores: Seaside 26, Scappoose 29, Astoria inc., Tillamook inc.

Jayvees: 2) Brandon Pantanjo, 21:09.45; 5) Steven Gift, 21:29.47; 10) Sam Herscovitz, 23:20.08; 12) William White, 23:59.28; 15) Johnny Kang, 24:50.11.


Team scores: Scappoose 18, Banks 84, Astoria 85, Yamhill-Carlton 92, Tillamook 111, Seaside 120.

Scappoose individuals: 1) Charlie Davidson, 20:24.31; 2) Tia Carnahan 20:43.82; 4) Skylar Fuller, 21:14.99; 5) Anna Hernandez, 21:18.13; 6) Elise Harley, 21:29.84; 15) Kathyrn Taylor, 22:29.57; 17) Sarah Carrier, 22:46.74.

Jayvee team scores: Scappoose 15, Yamhill-Carlton inc., Seaside inc.

Jayvees: 1) Caroline Brinster, 23:19; 2) Lucia Morud, 23:50; 3) Nicole Thomas, 23:54; 4) Ashleigh Lovell, 24:24; 5) Jenny Vardanega, 24:42; 6) Lindsey Marquardt, 25:11; 7) Sarah Davison, 26:53; 11) Kennedy Bailey, 31:17.