by: Photo by Susan Matheny -

Bend abstract artist Joellyn Loehr is being featured in September at Art Adventure Galley in Madras. The painting above is called "Nansene."
   Of her work, Loehr says, "I come at painting from the wrong way around. I do not set out to illustrate anything -- not an object, a scene, nor an idea. The painting is a record of events in the studio and of experiments both intuitive and calculated - with color, with the physical properties of paint on a surface, and with random shapes and gestures. Throughout most of the process, the subject of the painting is the painting itself. Marks, colors, and shapes accumulate, are modified, are erased by abrasion or layering, are consolidated and connected to one another. Over time a working surface is built, destroyed, and rebuilt.
   During the process, as work continues, glimpses of subject matter beyond the canvas begin to appear. Relationships and connections develop between what happens on the canvas and personal memories of dreams, events, and landscapes. The painting moves from an inchoate assemblage of visual elements to `something resembling something,' however abstract."
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