>Doctor finishes in 80th place

   The fourth annual MAC Dash featured a bizarre story that may never be duplicated.
   David Evans, a physician for Madras Medical Group, was competing in the MAC Dash last Saturday morning, but was forced to leave the course when he received a call from Mountain View Hospital.
   Evans, who was just starting his run leg of the MAC Dash sprint triathlon, received a call on his cell phone that a patient was going to deliver a baby, so he immediately turned around and ran towards the hospital. He then flagged down a vehicle and received a ride to the hospital where he delivered a baby in his running tights because there was no time to change into scrubs.
   "I was on call and figured anywhere on the course I would be 15 minutes to the hospital, which is similar time from where I live," Evans said. "I'd have to say that birth is one of the more memorable deliveries that I've been a part of."
   Evans, who has delivered nearly 500 babies in his career, said he finished the delivery, cleaned up, and got a ride back to B Street, where he had stopped running. He resumed the run, and finished the triathlon in 1 hour, 47 minutes, 27 seconds for 80th place overall out of 106 total athletes.
   "People shared some laughs when I finished," Evans said. "It was wild, but the baby and mom are doing well, although I'm sore."
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