>Planning Commission takes up issue
After last month's furor over an effort by Madras city officials to enforce an ordinance regulating the exterior color of local businesses, the Madras Planning Commission took up the issue of a color palette for city businesses last week.
   The action was in response to the Madras City Council's Aug. 23 decision directing the Planning Commission to develop a color palette for commercial and industrial development.
   At the Wednesday's meeting, the Planning Commission decided the city should continue to regulate building colors, and that they want to determine the color palette, according to Madras Community Development Department Director Nick Snead.
   The Planning Commission will hold a work session to discuss the color ordinance on Wednesday, Sept. 21, at 7 p.m. in the Madras City Hall.
   "This will be an opportunity for those who are interested to provide comments to the Planning Commission," said Snead. "No decision will be made on the color palette, but they will be working toward the decision."
   The decision, which will likely be made by the end of October, will not affect existing business colors.
   However, Snead said, "Any time in the future that they paint, they will have to paint it in a manner that is consistent with the color palette."
   The Planning Commission will meet again on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. in the City Hall, for a public hearing on building and sign colors.
   New businesses will be informed about changes made to the ordinance.
   "We're going to have a letter that will go out to new businesses that will list the applicable standards for potential changes to buildings and properties, and include the agency and staff contact information," said Snead.
   If anyone has questions, contact Snead at the City Hall at 541-475-3388.
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