>   To the Editor,
   Please be aware of the influx of so-called college kids here in Madras going door to door. They are from a company in Pennsylvania that hires them to travel all over the country. The boys drive the car and park to let the girls go door to door.
   They start out with being overly friendly, talking about your beautiful yard, etc. etc. Then they talk about earning some kind of points and the next step is selling you magazines. They are slick, trained in high-pressure sales. They are not allowed in Portland.
   I had one girl come with a neighbor girl and was so pushy she even asked for something to drink. Two nights later, at 8:30 p.m. I had another girl, alone from the same group. I did not buy from the first. I think the scheme is to go back late and perhaps get the man of the house?
   I told her one had been here and I thought their tactics were horrible. She told me she makes more money than her mother and father combined.
   I just want people to know what they are dealing with here. This is hard-core sales and lots of lies. I imagine the magazines will come, but you can get hooked into something you do not need or want. I did alert the sheriff's office.
   Nancy Goodenow
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