For exteriors of city buildings

by: Photo by Holly M. Gill - Madras Community Development Department Director Nick Snead displays color swatches to get input from Planning Commission members, clockwise from back, Eldon Sasser, Allen Hurley, Joel Hessel, Lynn Kowaleski, and Joe Krenowicz.

There were some clear winners and losers last week, as the Madras Planning Commission began sorting through color swatches to come up with a color palette for the exteriors of city buildings.
   Tangerine, pinks and purples, bright blue and lime green did not make the initial cut, but commissioners expect to refine the selection at future public meetings.
   When asked whether business owners would be able to use the colors that don't make it on to the palette, Madras Community Development Department Director Nick Snead said, "The way it's set up now, it's for the body of the building."
   If the commission decides to regulate color schemes, he said, as the city of Bend has done, that would require further regulation.
   The city ordinance which directs that "Exterior colors shall be of low reflectance, subtle, neutral, or earth tone colors," came under fire in August, when the city notified the owners of Butch's Bar & Grill that they would have to repaint the building's newly painted red exterior.
   The owners appealed the city's decision to the Madras City Council, and on Aug. 23, the council approved the red exterior, and directed the Planning Commission to review the ordinance and come up with a color palette.
   The Planning Commission will meet again on Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. in the City Hall, for a public hearing on building and sign colors.
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