County passes enforcement ordinance

by: Photo by Holly M. Gill - Rules for the new Jefferson County Youth Fishing Pond are clearly spelled out on signs next to the facility. Adults are not allowed to fish at the pond unless they possess disabled angler permits.

In response to reports that adults have been spotted hauling fish away from the new Jefferson County Youth Fishing Pond, the city and county have taken action.
   The Jefferson County Commission has established enforcement guidelines for the pond, which sits on county-owned property at the fairgrounds, but within the Madras city limits.
   The Board of Commissioners authorized the Madras Police Department to trespass any individuals who fail to comply with rules at the pond.
   Police will be able to cite and trespass anyone fishing at the pond who is over age 17 and doesn't hold a disabled angler permit. Anyone who drives on areas not designated for traffic, cleans or disposes of fish in the pond area, or commits any other crime can be excluded from the park for six months.
   Park rules, posted at the pond, state that angling is restricted to youths up to age 17, and holders of disabled anglers permits.
   Youths from 14 through 17 must have a valid Oregon angling license, and all anglers may take no more than two fish per day. Fishing can only occur during daylight hours.
   The one-acre pond was constructed with donated labor and materials, and a $54,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
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