Slow response


   To the Editor,
   I was startled to learn of a daring robbery that took place in one of Madras's busiest businesses last week. Even more incredible was discovering that Madras Police Department took nearly two and a half hours to respond to a silent panic alarm.
   What sort of protection did the police think they could achieve had the employees or customers of that business been in physical danger? Furthermore, when did the word panic become obsolete?
   I have lived in Madras for nearly a decade now and I can honestly say that this is the first time I have felt that the public servants hired to protect this community have failed. I should hope that this incident is also the last.
   I love the town of Madras as my adopted home, but I would not stay another day if I felt that this place is not a safe one in which to live and raise a family. Many citizens of Madras are business owners themselves, and I highly doubt that any one would commend or condone this type of law enforcement tardiness.
   Matt Hunt