>Committee meets with auditors
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   Crooked River Ranch Budget/Audit Committee Chairwoman Marilynne Keyser rated last week's joint meeting between her group, the CRR Club and Maintenance Association and Ranch auditors "one of the most productive meetings we have had."
   She attributes that mainly to the "thoughtful and provocative management letter and recommendation from the auditors and the extensive information it contained this year; we learned a lot."
   However, they didn't get around to tackling the income shortfall that's been mentioned in recent meetings by Ranch officials as a matter of concern. "We have too many basic decisions to make first before we can get to that, but we will eventually," said Keyser.
   The decisions she was referring to included the format and content of Ranch financial documents, which the auditors said should be simplified and conform more to Ranch operations.
   The auditors also suggested a consultant be engaged to advise on asset management, depreciation and reserve arrangements, which Keyser said she thought could be very helpful.
   Newly elected Treasurer Herb Parker said he wasn't so sure about the advisability of a consultant, as instead of the Budget/Audit Committee, his office and staff are figuring it out themselves, which he agreed with Keyser needed doing and in fact is in process.
   His main concern about hiring a consultant at this point is cost. "I'm just not sure we can afford it," he said.
   The subject will be examined in a meeting scheduled for Oct. 26 at 2 p.m.
   Both Keyser and Parker agree that they are going to streamline, standardize and document how this year's budget process will proceed, what input is to be made by department heads and the format for it so that it is uniform in presentation by every department.
   Keyser, who had considered resigning as Budget/Audit Committee chairwoman, said she will stay on another year because she is enthused "about the new board's approach to the annual budget process."
   She also said she has lost or will lose some key members of this year's committee, including Gail Day, who was elected board secretary, and Parker, who now is the Ranch treasurer.
   "The B/A committee sorely needs new members who have accounting skills and experience," she said. Keyser can be reached at 541-923-0558.
   In last week's CRR Roundup, Budget/Audit Committee Treasurer Herb Parker's last name was incorrectly reported. The Pioneer regrets the error.
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