by: Photo by Joe McHaney - Jared Reid recenetly opened an office, Law Office of Jared Reid, LLC, on the third floor of the Harriman Building.

Jared Reid knows a thing or two about American history.
   The 29-year-old graduated with a degree in history and political science at Oregon State University, before earning his law degree at the University of Oregon.
   "American history is my passion," said Reid, who recently gave a speech during a celebration of the American Constitution at the Jefferson County Library. "I don't come from a family with a legal background, but while learning about our founding fathers, I was inspired to study law."
   Reid, who recently opened up a law office in the Harriman Building, saw an opportunity in Madras to practice law and begin his own business.
   "With Jim Laws retiring, I saw an opportunity to begin my law business in Madras," Reid said. "I had contacts with Glenn Reeder and Gassner and Madras seemed like the right fit."
    Reid had interviewed for a position with Glenn Reeder and Gassner, but opted to open his own general practice.
   "The situation was just right, Reid said. "I'm just excited to help people."
   Since opening his doors Aug. 1, Reid has been drumming up business. Reid said he does not see mustering business as a challenge, but more of an opportunity.
   "I see it as an opportunity to integrate myself with the community," Reid said. "I'm excited to get out and meet new people and let people know that I'm open for and accepting business."
   So far, Reid said the law community has embraced him with open arms and he's enjoyed what Jefferson County has to offer.
   "The town has been really nice to me," Reid said. "I have met a lot of great people and I'm looking forward to making a life here."
   Reid will make a life in Madras with his fianc‚. He recently became engaged and a wedding date is to be determined.
   Reid is a public defense attorney that will do business law, family law, business law and will also do consultations, file reviews, trusts and estates and personal injury cases for clients.
   "I love law because it's a service industry and I get to help people everyday," said Reid, who was a marketing manager for four years with Sears during law school. "I have a customer service background and I just want to help people."
   Central Oregon will be an ideal place for Reid, who said he is an active golfer and hiker, and enjoys watching football.
   "I grew up in Klamath County," said Reid, who spent 10 years in the Willamette Valley. "I'm excited to return to this side of the mountains."
   Reid originally went to Linn Benton Community College to play baseball, but said he discovered he didn't have a baseball arm. He finished his undergraduate studies at OSU in 2005, concluded his law degree in 2010.
   "Paul Sumner has been a great mentor, Glenn Reader has been great and so David Allen," Reid said. "We have some great professionals in Madras and Mike Ahern has been very helpful to me as well."
   For more information about Reid, contact him at 541-475-1111 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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