Activist, director pays a visit to Forest Grove man and makes good on pledge
by: Chris Onstott Paul Harwood had his car washed by Director Michael Moore (right) Monday.

Paul Harwood got into his champagne Toyota Carolla Monday afternoon, prepped for a trip from his Forest Grove home to a Portland car wash.

A 26-mile journey might seem extreme for a routine wash, but this was a little different.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, known for political reels like 'Sicko' and 'Roger and Me,' was doing the scrubbing.

Moore was in Portland Monday for an appearance at Powell's City of Books to promote his new book "Here Comes Trouble," a fundraiser for the website and to visit the political protest Occupy Portland. He took the opportunity to set up the meeting with Harwood.

In 2010, Moore challenged viewers of a cable television program to find a provision of the 2011 health care reform bill that slapped a $100 fine on insurers that refused to cover someone because of a pre-existing condition.

Harwood found the fine in 20 minutes.

For that, Moore said he'd wash Harwood's car the next time he was in Portland. That day came Monday.

The only disappointment, Harwood said, was that his son was busy with his Ford truck.

'I was really hoping he could wash an American car,' Harwood said.

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