by: from the OUTLOOK ARCHIVES Gresham Mayor H.H. Hughes won a prize for his ‘Atomic’ Chrysanthemum in 1951

1911 - Gresham's leaders got to tour the Union Meat Company plant in the Kenton district near St. John's 100 years ago. Mayor Shattuck and some of the city councilors and their wives visited the facility, which had started in Troutdale. The delegation saw the whole operation from slaughtering to butchering and then sat down for a big dinner.

'This did not seem to spoil their appetite,' reported The Outlook, 'for all praised the sumptuous feast provided by their host.'

1921 - Gresham's High's Stapleton field was dedicated in the first football game of the season 90 years ago. It bears that name to this day.

All Gresham stores were to be closed for Armistice Day (now Veterans Day) according to Oregon's governor.

And there was actually a 'dance tax' 90 years ago. If admission cost $1, the tax was 10 cents. If women were admitted free, which was often the case, they had to pay 10 cents anyway.

1931 - Eighty years ago, train cars were rolling again over the rusty old Mount Hood Railway tracks in Gresham. The eastern markets had discovered Gresham-Troutdale cauliflower and broccoli and nearly all the acreage of crops grown by local farmers were shipped east under the 'fancy' or 'quality' label. Bukichi Fujii, whose family still farms in the area, said it would take at least a month to ship the broccoli.

1941 - The Sun Dial Ranch at Troutdale, famous for many years for its sprawling cattle operation, was purchased by the defense department for construction of an aluminum reduction plant 70 years ago. At the same time, the feds were looking at the LaFollette peach orchard near Fairview for a possible site for an aluminum fabrication plant. However, a later decision saw the fabrication plant set up at another site.

1951 - Gresham's longtime mayor and physician, Dr. H.H. Hughes won the top prize at a Portland flower show for his prize chrysanthemum, 'Atomic.' However the Doc chose another blossom for the Outlook photo 60 years ago because he had given the prizewinner to a shut-in who liked flowers. (See photo.)

1961 - An indication of East County growth was that an exit was planned for the Banfield Freeway (I-84) at 181st Avenue 50 years ago. And in the rugged country near Bonneville Dam, authorities found the remains of missing pilot Melvin Brewer, whose plane had disappeared the previous May. There was no sign of the plane or the two other passengers on it. Authorities theorized that Brewer had survived the crash and hiked out for help along McCord Creek before dying from his injuries.

1971 - 'Kids in school today will be doing jobs we haven't dreamed of yet, and the computer will probably be involved in most of them,' said Judy Edward, head of a pilot project at Centennial High on computer literacy. Edwards spoke to the Gresham Rotary Club on the subject 40 years ago.

1981 - At Halloween 30 years ago, Ray Phillips, tax activist, filed an initiative petition to limit property taxes to 1.5 percent. A new Oregon liquor law made it possible to leave a restaurant with a partial bottle of wine.

1991 - Employees at Boeing sealed a time capsule along Sandy Boulevard near their plant 20 years ago, saying it was the first capsule of its kind at any Boeing plant. The capsule, containing various documents and photographs, is to be opened in 2016, the 100th anniversary of Boeing.

2001 - Gresham High 1999 grad Casey McFeron came home 10 years ago to Mom's couch to watch himself playing a role on the television show 'ER.' Sub shops (sandwiches) were popping up all over East County. And local U.S. Forest Service employees were at Ground Zero in New York running a supply depot in the wake of 9/11.

2010 - Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson was set, after the November election voter approval, to build a new police station. Work is under way now on the facility on Buxton Road.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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