>   To the Editor,
   This past summer I was asked if I would chauffeur the grand marshal in the fair parade using one of my old cars. This man, who I never met but have heard so many positive things about over the years, was about to step into my life.
   After spending several hours with him before, during and after the parade and listening to the stories he had to tell, along with his family and friends adding to them, I felt like I really got to know him well.
   This day was a very proud moment in his life, as the county he served so well for decades still remembers him enough to grant him the honor of being this year's grand marshal. The real honor really went to me for being allowed to be part of his life for this brief moment in time.
   This chapter of Jefferson County history titled "Ham Perkins" is now complete but his memories will continue to live.
   My condolences go out to his family over this great loss. He was a man of which to be proud.
   Steve Jansen
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