Robbery, coercion charged

by: Submitted photo - Flora Susan Davis

   Two home invasions and a robbery earned prison terms for two Madras residents, who were sentenced in the Jefferson County Circuit Court on Friday.
   Judge Annette Hillman sentenced Flora Susan Davis, 27, and Brandon Ray Craig, 19, to five years and 10 months in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections for second-degree robbery, two counts of first-degree burglary, and coercion.
   According to District Attorney Steve Leriche, the incidents occurred early in the morning on Oct. 8, when the two went to a residence on Southeast Buff Street and forced their way in.
   "It was basically a home invasion robbery," said Leriche, noting that the resident didn't know them. "They were armed with what appeared to be a rifle."
   Davis and Craig, who were accompanied by a 14-year-old male, took a Play Station, cameras, knives, a scanner, video game systems, and a bullet-proof vest, Leriche said.
   From there, "They took the occupant of the residence (a woman), to another residence, where they forced their way in," said Leriche.
   At the second residence, on Southeast Sixth Street, prosecutor Laura Moszer said that they first knocked on the door, and then spoke to the resident about a dog that they claimed was missing.
   Craig punched the resident, and the suspects fled. However, by that time, the woman from the first residence had already gotten away and notified police.
   Madras police investigated the report, and arrested the three suspects at 3:47 a.m.
   "When the police stopped the vehicle, they found the pellet gun, which was very realistic looking, and some items from the first residence," said Moszer, adding that all had been drinking.
   Police reported that "She was defiant, and he was combative," at the time of the arrest, Leriche said.
   "Davis apologized at sentencing, and said it really was about a dog," Moszer said.
   Davis entered a no contest plea, and Craig pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery, which is a Class B felony. "These are Measure 11 crimes, so they will serve the entire 70 months," said Leriche, adding that they had no prior criminal history.
   Both also pleaded no contest to two counts of first-degree burglary, and one count of coercion.
   As part of a negotiated plea agreement, charges of second-degree kidnapping, menacing and first-degree theft were dismissed for both Davis and Craig. Charges of fourth-degree assault and attempting to assault a public safety officer were dismissed for Craig, and unlawful use of a weapon was also dismissed for Davis.
   Both must also serve three years of post-prison supervision.
   Charges are still pending for the juvenile.
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