Memories of Perkins

To the Editor:
   Memories of Ham Perkins, my brother-in-law:
   He stood up for our country and what was right, when he was working as sheriff for Jefferson County, to help show the group -- the Rajneeshees from another country -- that they didn't need to try to take over our country and take our freedom from believing in a true God.
   Ham represented us by riding his favorite horse in the Portland Rose Parade and Pendleton Roundup in the old Western way, and not by riding in a big limousine.
   He may have been riding in one of the lovely saddles he had made, which he enjoyed making along with the lovely women's leather purses he made for family.
   Ham also took part in christening big ships, which his parents and family helped in building at St. Helens, Ore.
   He, while in office, ran a big dairy, helping people to have milk, with his wonderful wife Bernideen helping with it all, as well as getting the children off to school, sports, 4-H, etc.
   He helped family in whatever their needs, and he was very helpful and caring to me, his sister-in-law (now age 88).
   Yes, he was a very caring person.
   Daisy Thornton